With IFA 2016 quickly approaching, European products and innovations are garnering more attention. While there are sure to be some stand-out gadgets unveiled at the event, below are a few recent European innovations to check out in the mean time.

The Daqri Smart Helmet


This helmet is an industrial device that creates an augmented reality environment and shows workers what they need to do projected on top of the location where they are performing that action, clarifying which equipment and processes should be employed at any given time. Doubling as a hard hat and safety goggles, this helmet is ideal for working with heavy machinery or in technical fields.

Bonaverde End-to-End Coffee Machine


This Kickstarter-graduated machine can roast, grind, and brew coffee in fifteen minutes. Bonaverde aims to reinvent the way people consume coffee by connecting consumers directly to farmers, eliminating the middleman. You simply order green coffee beans, and the machine takes care of the rest.



Founded by sculptor Urska Srsen, this company makes smart jewelry for women, such as bracelets and necklaces, that track stress, activity, and even menstrual cycles. This is a new wave of wearable technology.

Transparency Toolkit


Hosted out of Wikileaks, this toolkit uses free software and open data to shine a light on government installed malware. Former LulzSec hacker Mustafa Al-Bassam created this product inspired by his focus on uncovering government surveillance.



This is essentially a build-your-own computer kit designed to make computer technology accessible to kids and to teach people of all ages how to assemble a computer and learn basic coding skills.



Keezel is a portable Wifi solution to protect your privacy and security online. With its one-button encryption service, Keezel uses VPN technology to secure your internet connection, keeping your data and other confidential information safe from hackers, online snoopers, network admins, and government surveillance.

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