The LED Flat Panel TVs are making news in the HDTV segment with their picture and sound quality, comparable to plasma TV’s. Since LEDs are used for displaying, you get reduced energy consumption, better contrast and brightness and better picture during fast moving scenes. You can expect your TV viewing experience to be good with various Smart TV apps, 3D features and reasonable pricing depending on the screen sizes.

With each brand releasing LED TVs, zeroing on which is the best for your needs and budget is getting difficult, the ReviewGist Scores makes it easier by rating them on a scale from 1 to 100. We have given you our recommendations for the latest 55 inch LED flat panels which combines the ratings from expert reviewers from around the web to give you a single quality score.

1. LG LA557400

LG is currently being rated as one of the top LED TV manufacturers. The latest offering from LG, the LA7400 is a 55” LED TV which has tons of Smart TV apps while displaying amazing picture quality surpassing its predecessors. The uniquely designed Magic Remote with the Point and Click similar to those found in Wii controller makes your selection/navigation easier. Coupled with the Voice control the web browsing experience is faster. Impressive picture quality and contrast with dark black levels makes the picture sharp and crisp.

Although its a minor point, for those who are used to buttons, the Magic Remote might take some getting used to. The LCDTVBuyingGuide reviews notes the lack of the the Input or Aspect ratio keys even though there is a quick menu key that accesses the Input icon. The side Angle or Top/Bottom Viewing was another issue highlighted in the reviews. The Cinema 3D feature makes your 3D viewing impressive being as good as those seen in other models such as Panasonic VT60. or Samsung F7500. According to the TechGuide review, the LA7400 produces excellent sound quality when using the Smart Sound Mode for watching movies, videos, music etc.

This 55 inch LED LG LA7400 flat panel TV has excellent sound, picture quality, and of course the extremely well designed looks to create a statement in your homes. We recommend this TV offers excellent picture quality and the latest smart features in one package.

2. Samsung UN55F7500

The first thing you will notice about the design of the Samsung UN55F7500 LED TV is its ultra slim frame and curved stand. Add to that the good color performance, the rich black levels and contrast, you will get the best Picture quality seen in the 55 inch bracket. With a Clear Motion Rate of 960Hz you can watch fast paced movies/videos with greater sharpness, clarity and contrast.

Upgraded to a Quad-core processor, the UNF7500 series makes for a faster web browsing, navigation, and switching between the different pages of the Smart TV apps. S-Recommendation search engine with voice control lets you search the web or the SmartHub for any specific content and the motion control lets you select it with your hand gestures without using the Touch pad remote.

The UN55F7500 uses a Smart Touch remote which lets you control the TV using the touch pad or Voice/gestures. The LCDTVBuyingGuide review says that using the remote was somewhat cumbersome for inputting text or using it to access the Smart TV features mainly because it took some time getting used to it. The picture quality when 3D is enabled is great, but compared to other brands such as LG, Panasonic the review says that quality degrades with side viewing angles. But still this makes for excellent 3D viewing with theater like effect when enabled.

Priced at a mid range between the F7100 and F800 series, the Samsung UN55F7500 is power packed with features and has a brand name that guarantees quality. With its superb looks and exceptional picture quality comparable to the ones from Panasonic or LG the Samsung UN55F7500 will add to your TV experience.

3. Samsung- UN 55F7100

If you are looking for a LED TV which is a Smart TV combined with 3D but on a tight budget, then the Samsung UNF7100 series is the one for you. It does not have a quad core processor like the F7500 or F8000 series and the speed may not be on par like them, but it makes it up with the picture quality and ample Smart TV features. Improvements have been made on the Voice recognition software where in it actually understands the different searches and accents and displays them. A standard Smart Touch remote is used for easy navigation and accessing the internet or the Smart TV apps. All the top end features such as smart interaction with motion control, integrated pop-up camera common to the other series is not part of the F7100.

The refresh rate of 240Hz is more than adequate when viewing action packed movies or sports. The LCDTVBuyingGuide reviews are also favorable on this feature for fast motion images and smoothing of side to side panning images. As always 3D viewing is on par with picture quality not being compromised. Normal standard definitions signals are also displayed with clarity comparable to HD levels.

Adequate Smart TV apps, gaming and 3D features with picture quality which is the best among the other brands – all of which you can get at a comparatively low price. The Samsung UN55F7100 is worth the money you pay for, if features such as motion control or high speed connectivity is not on top of your list when buying an LED TV.

4. Samsung UN 55F8000

As always Samsung delivers on the picture quality and 3D viewing. The UN 55F800 series has raised the bar, adding onto the existing F7100 or the F7500 series in terms of picture and connectivity making it still more good if not better. This series gives the best black levels and with the edge lighting LEDs making the colors to stand out. With the AutoMotion Plus settings your gaming and 3D viewing is enjoyable.

Using the quad processor, accessing the Samsung Smart TV Apps is quicker and downloading is a breeze. You can feel the difference because of redesigning of the Smart Hub separating the apps into 5 new pages – Apps, On TV, Movies & TV Shows, Social, and Photos & Video –  making it so much easier to access and use these features. An added feature is the new Smart Evolution Kit which updates your TV with the latest software.

Its actually fun to use the Motion/Voice control along with the Smart Touch Remote for navigating or searching apps or web sites – i.e. once you get the hang of it. A vast improvement in speed and accessing when using the Smart TV apps is what the PlasmaTvBuyingGuide found when reviewing the UN 55F800 compared to the other series. Having a go at the 3D settings, the review source found that the side angle viewing was okay at best with still lots need to be worked upon. But rates the 3D playback as superb with the AutoMotion Plus feature on. CNET has a good opinion with regards to its picture quality and mind blowing design.

Having made changes to its voice recognition software which is more user friendly and relevant, the UN 55F800 is a great LED TV to have in your home even though priced at at higher range. For great picture quality, good sound clarity and for the extremely good looking design we recommend this state of the art LED TV.

Many experts have given their reviews based on different set of features for the top 55 inch LED flat panel TV of 2013, and the same have been compiled on the ReviewGist site. To get the complete and updated listing of the 55” LED TV’s in the market, check out our web page.