Virtual reality holds enormous potential to transform the future of a number of fields ranging from business to manufacturing to architecture.

This avant-garde piece of technology was once considered a part of the fiction; not anymore. Today it has become a very part of the reality. In here, I have compiled a list of 7 of the coolest uses of virtual reality in advertising that should raise a number of eyebrows depending on the creative nature of the ads. Take a peek.

  1. The use of virtual reality in test drive: Incorporated by Volvo

Volvo launched its very own VR advertising campaign in 2014.

They made a pact with a reputed VFX studio as well as Google to release their very own Volvo reality app accompanied by a branded viewer kit such that users could take the XC90 Volvo car for a test drive in the mountains. The entire experience was richly immersive and very gratifying.

Geographical barriers ceased to be a problem anymore. Through this innovative virtual reality campaign, customers will be able to take the test drive from the very comfort of their drawing room. So there’s absolutely no doubt that that’s the best a man/woman can get especially when test driving accompanied with location constraints are concerned. You can’t ask for more convenience; can you?

Here’s the video of the campaign. Take a quick peek at it.

  1. The use of virtual reality in Happy Meals: Incorporated by McDonald

McDonald used their Happy Meal box to create this very cool marketing campaign. They presented their customers with their very own version of a Google Cardboard box that can be made from the Happy Meal box itself.

After a successful construction of the Google Cardboard box from a Happy Meal box, customers will be able to use the same box to play a VR game called “Slope Stars” in an immersive VR world on their smartphones respectively. The experience is simply amazing; there’s no doubt about it.

Take a peek at this video to get the point in greater detail.

  1. The use of virtual reality in honeymoons: Incorporated by the Marriott Hotels

The Marriott Hotels group came up with this innovative idea where they presented newly-wed couples with a taste of virtual honeymoon to amp up the chemistry between the two of them.

During this advertising campaign, they invited newly married couples outside the NYC hall to come up inside and have the experience of a lifetime which was the experience of having a honeymoon in a richly immersive virtual world. Many people obliged and were absolutely blown away by the experience.

Here’s the video.

  1. The use of virtual reality in food treats: Incorporated by Boursin

Boursin is a company who deals primarily in soft cheese supplies.

Boursin created a VR experience as a part of their marketing campaign where the user will be taken on a journey through a fridge full of extraordinary food treats. Boursin’s VR marketing capampign gained praise worldwide and it even won the 2015 Masters of Marketing award.

I particularly liked this marketing campaign more than the others mentioned in the same bracket because Boursin is not a giant company having a huge amount of financial resources like most of the others highlighted above. Yet, they had the guts to take the campaign forward. Now that’s praiseworthy indeed.

Take a quick peek at this short video to understand the use of VR by the Boursin cheese company.

  1. The use of virtual reality in hiking: Incorporated by Merrell

Merrell created an innovative virtual reality marketing campaign called Trailscape at the time of their launch of Capra which is a pair of advanced hiking boots.

Through such a program, participants will be able to go on a dangerous mountain hike in a richly immersive virtual world from the very comfort of Merrell’s showrooms.

The Trailscape virtual reality is basically a form of “walk around” VR where the customers will have to walk on a pre-designed stage with their VR goggles on to experience everything in vivid details. This video should clear everything up. Take a peek.

So that’s it then. Hope you enjoyed all that. It’s time to sign off for the time being then. Ciao!