Chromebooks are the newest innovation in portable computers. They are actually not full computers, they do not have a hard drive per se, but they work with the Google Chrome OS browser. Instead of using Desktop, your information is stored on cloud apps. Although it works on the Google Chrome browser, the Chromebook has the ability to enable you to run some desktop applications remotely on another computer. This is true for whatever operating system the remote computer is running on. It may not have all the bells and whistles of the traditional laptop, but, depending on what your particular business needs are; the Chromebook could definitely be beneficial. Here are the top 5 reasons why some businesses should consider embracing Google Chromebooks.

  • Like the average netbook, the Chromebook is very lightweight and portable. This is especially beneficial for someone who occasionally has to work while traveling.
  • Chromebooks have built-in security and virus-protection. No need to worry about hackers stealing your information.
  • The Chromebook starts very quickly. It starts in as little as 7 seconds and will not slow down over time.
  • You will not lose your important data, as it is stored in the Cloud.
  • New apps are constantly being developed that allow you to work offline. It is not hard to see how beneficial this can be, as it may be difficult to get a Wi-Fi signal in some areas. Once online, your work can be resumed without loss of information.

Now if you do not find these reasons good enough to embrace the Chromebook for your business, there are at least a couple more.

  • Automatic Updates. This computer automatically updates itself as soon as you turn it on. This includes system and hardware updates, as well as anti-malware and anti-virus software.
  • Power that lasts all day. The battery power of the Chromebook has enough power to last throughout the day so that you can continue your work without having to charge your battery.

Despite all the above benefits of owning a Chromebook, this computer is still so new to the public that some people may have trouble really embracing it right now. They may wonder, “Is the Google Chromebook just a glorified netbook?” Well, to answer that question, it depends on how you look at it. For sure, the Google Chromebook is not a full computer, in that it is basically just a browser. It uses the Google Chrome browser and is made by Google. However, a lot of people love using the Google Chrome browser anyway, because it is sometimes more reliable than Internet Explorer.

As mentioned earlier, it gets you online much faster than a traditional computer. That includes the netbook as well. Some people may be bothered by the fact that the system uses the Cloud app instead of Desktop. These people feel that they do not actually own their own information, that it is owned by Google. Well consider this; with Cloud your information is safe from hackers and from viruses and other such malware. Actually, Cloud storage may actually be safer than Desktop storage in some ways. There have been reports of people actually losing information in Desktop. It does not happen often, but it does happen occasionally.

Although the Google Chromebook is just a browser, in most cases, it is more than enough to supply your business needs. You can send and receive e-mail, create documents, edit photos, most of what you do with a traditional computer. However, to create documents you will have to go through Google Docs or Office Web apps as these cannot be done from just a browser. This may be another deterrent for some potential buyers. These people may see that as an extra unnecessary step since a full laptop or even a netbook will already have these programs pre-loaded. On the plus side, it is not at all difficult to use these apps from the extensive Google Apps store. It is just different in that there is no downloading of software. You just choose the apps you need from the app store. There are thousands of apps to choose from and more are being added from time to time. As these new apps are added, the Chromebook is automatically updated to include them.

Now that you have seen the pros and cons of owning a Chromebook for your business, will you embrace it? It is a very simple to use device and the price is comparable to a netbook or a lower-priced full laptop. Unlike a laptop, it is very portable and can easily be transported, even stowed away in a purse. For those that like the idea of having the latest gadget, it is a little more modern than the netbook. It is also faster than both. Although the Chromebook lacks some of the heavier stuff, it can still be a valuable asset to your business.