Have you experienced the pain of not knowing what to buy as a gift for the tech who has everything? With such an array of technological gadgets available today, it can be hard knowing what your techie friend might already own. I’ve had this problem myself when shopping for gifts but fortunately I found a several new technology gadgets that you can be sure even the most avid techie won’t currently possess.

1. Looxie Wearable Video Cam
The first of its kind, the Looxie LX2 is a wear and share hands free video cam that lets you stream live video and share clips instantly. All you have to do set it up facing the same direction you are, and it will automatically capture whatever you are seeing.

2. Gunnar Computer Eyewear
If you thought glasses were just meant for toning down the sun or for the visually impaired, then you haven’t met the Gunnar computer eyewear. Sometimes looking at your computer the whole day can take a toll on your eyes and that is why the Gunnar computer eyewear company makes different kinds of glasses that are meant specifically for people like you.

3. OCZ Neural Impulse Actuator
The NIA is a pioneer in the new technology gadgets that can be used with a mouse for a more engaging in-game experience. It is basically a device that can stream bio potentials into a computer and replace the keyboard commands with intentions that are converted to tensions and then translated to command structures.

4. Ion iCade Mobile Iphone/Itouch Game Controller
If you take gaming seriously on your iphone/Itouch this gadget will blow your mind and even if you don’t, it might just change your mind. If touch and drag is your gaming mode, then you have not experienced the icade mobile game controller.

Tell me which of these is your favorite gift idea for the techie who has everything by leaving a comment below.