TookiTaki, a data analytics startup based in Singapore, has announced that it has raised $1 million in seed funding with the aid of Jungle Ventures, Redbright Partners and Blume Ventures. These are renowned firms in Asia who specialize in securing early stage seed and pre seed funding for companies in the tech related industries.

According to TookiTaki, the $1 million raised will be used to expand its service as a software platform into new markets, namely Southeast Asia, Japan, Australia and New Zealand.

The Singaporean data analytics startup began as an ad company aimed to help users place advertisements effectively on social media and online platforms. This eventually led TookiTaki to extend its services to provide data analysis and customer behavior, sales and market predictions.

Abhishek Chatterjee, founder and CEO signals out Quantifand and Taykey as main competitors to his company. While california based Quantifand focuses on interpreting social media data and Taykey seeks to automate the purchase of targeted online ads, TookiTaki is a data analytics startup that differentiates itself by specializing in gathering data sets from multiple sources, including publicly available and offline data, processing them to make customer behavior predictions that help companies lay out more accurate sales and marketing campaigns.

Apart from their intention to expand into new markets, the goal of TookiTaki is to fine tune their platform as much as possible. Part of the seed funding of the Singaporean based company will be invested in research and development to improve even further their prediction software and methodology.