You probably have a few old cell phones stashed in a junk drawer. Maybe you or someone you know has taken a hammer to a computer and tossed it in the trash, right beside that big box TV.

But why let electronics go to waste? By recycling your electronic waste, or e-waste, you can help people, support nonprofits and preserve the environment.

Corporations are doing their part to protect the environment through e-waste cleanup initiatives, like Recycling Rallies. These rallies are being held throughout the country and allow people to get rid of their electronic “junk” without turning it to waste.

E-waste can be recycled and refurbished, but instead, the public often throws away electronics that take up space in landfills and can be hazardous to the environment. With so many recycling options, there should never be another electronic tossed into a trash can. Here are three ways to recycle your e-waste:

Cell phones

To make a difference overseas, donate your gently used cell phone to Whether it’s an old iPhone model or a cell phone from the 90s, this nonprofit will gratefully accept it.

Through cell phone and monetary donations, Cell Phones for Soldiers has provided 192 million free minutes of talk for both veterans and active duty military members. Ship your phone or search the site for a drop-off location close to home. Just remember – before you donate your phone, clear any personal information.

Computer equipment

Goodwill Industries has teamed up with Dell to create jobs and save the environment. Donate any brand computer equipment at one of Goodwill’s 2000+ locations. Your equipment will either be recycled or refurbished and resold by Goodwill.

Since the start of the program, more than 250 million pounds of e-waste have been recycled and many green jobs have been created to help people with economic disadvantages. Be sure to erase your hard drive completely prior to your donation.

Everything else electronic – from washers and dryers to hair dryers and shredders

Stop by your local Best Buy to drop off almost any electronic. Whether you bought the product from the company or not, they’ll accept it. It’s a way for you to get rid of items without hurting the environment.

For a small price, their employees can pick up the appliance. Or at no cost, you can drop it off at the store. If they don’t accept the item, Best Buy refers you to to find a location that recycles any product you have.