programming challenges

Developers are constantly learning new technologies, so it makes sense that we like to practice our skills. Some of us have that competitive nature in us, so programming puzzles are a great outlet. From the basic challenge sites, to sites that help with the job search, to sites that pay for your code, there is something for everyone in our master list of sites with coding puzzles.

For the Job Seekers

  1. HackerEarth allows users to sign up, participate in challenges, and get hired from the platform; it’s additionally a way to connect with other programmers.
  2. HackerRank aims to bring out the best developer in you and help you find jobs through challenges.

For the Mathematicians

  1. Brain Food has a very wide variety of puzzles, ranging from word games, to logic problems, to riddles.
  2. Project Euler offers a series of challenging mathematical/computer programming brain teasers for students whose hunger for learning goes beyond the classroom curriculum.
  3. Yahoo Groups: Math for Fun is an interactive forum where users can post challenging math problems to be solved by the community.

For Cash Rewards

  1. Spilgames pays developers for publishing high quality games on their site with an easy-to-integrate API.
  2. Top Coder offers monetary rewards to working on coding challenges submitted by companies or individuals. The company awards over $25,000 per day, according to the website.

For Big Brand Challenges

  1. Google Code Jam is held annually and consists of intense algorithmic puzzles held over multiple online rounds culminating in an on-site final round with the top 26 contestants. Mark March 10th on your calendar when registration opens.
  2. Facebook Hacker Cup is an annual global competition where hackers compete against each other for the coveted title of Hacker Cup.
  3. Microsoft ImagineCup is skill-based competition comprised of three competitions. The object of this competition is to create innovative and original software applications.

Challenge Sites

  1. CodeChef gives practice exercises and allows users to compete in monthly challenges against other techies.
  2. CodeEval, a platform used by developers to showcase their skills, allows programmers to participate in app building competitions and win.
  3. Coderbyte, a web application built to help people enhance and diversify their programming knowledge, offers a collection of challenges ranging in skill.
  4. Codewars wants users to achieve mastery through coding puzzles and interaction with other coders.
  5. Codility aims to make programmers better with monthly challenges and coding tutorials lessons.
  6. Fight Code has users make a robot through JavaScript and battle against competition.
  7. Reddit’s Daily Programmer gives three problems to solve per week and offers much discussion surrounding the topic of programming.
  8. Sphere Online Judge offers as many programming challenges as you can tackle, along with active community discussion.

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