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This 57-year-old film, recently unearthed by GE, might be the most interesting five minutes you spend all day. It predicts our current technology with uncanny prescience.  Among the innovations correctly predicted in this film are:

  • DVR
  • refrigerator ice-maker
  • baby monitor
  • Skype
  • iPad
  • flat-screen, 3D television
  • the personal computer
  • missile defense system
  • and the cell phone.

This charming bit of history was just discovered in the GE archives. It was originally produced to coincide with GE’s “Diamond Jubilee,” or the 75th anniversary of the development of Edison’s lamp in 1879.

It’s hard to get my head around how accurate these predictions were. If we made a film today about 2068, how much do you think we would have correct?