The highly anticipated new iPod touch is coming to a store near you.  The 2011 version is very similar to the previous 2010 release except this time it’s white.  The hardware is reportedly receiving an oleophobic coating (to repel liquid such as the oil on your fingertips keeping the screen smudge free) on the display and a updated ambient light sensor. Additionally, it will receive a different lamination process than is used for the iPhone which will make it a little more original.

The new iPod touches should hit stores during the first week of October and likely to go on sale in the middle of the month.  Leaked components from overseas suppliers have shown a white front panel as well as headphone jack which confirms the new white color scheme.

Interestingly, the iPod represents five percent of Apple’s revenue and the bulk of that comes from the iPod touch.  More than half of the 7.54 million iPods sold last year were iPod touches – I think they’re on to something!

How do you think the new white version is going to sell? Do you think it will make a difference? What else would you want from your iPod touch?