19 clicks of separationWhen a business decides to move online, improve their presence online, or work with an agency to do either, it can feel very intimidating. There are billions of websites on the internet and many businesses wonder how their website will be found. Fortunately there are steps you can take and tools like social media that can help to get your website found and your name out there. Even more fortunate is information found by a new study showing that all websites are connected closer than you might think.

19 Clicks Away

You’ve probably heard of the six (or seven) degrees of separation rule that applies to people and their connections. Well, a recent study reported on yesterday and this morning has done the same analysis to content online with some interesting results. As Fran Berkman writes on Mashable, “If you’re ever feeling lost in the vacuum of cyber space, don’t despair. The web is woven tighter than you might expect.”

According to Joseph Stromberg at the Smithsonian Mag, out of the estimated “more than 14 billion” websites, “from every single one of these pages you can navigate to any other in 19 clicks or less.” That might seem hard to believe – I know it was for me when I first read about it, but it’s true.

According to Joseph, there are a “a minority of pages,” called nodes, like “search engines, indexes, and aggregators” on the web that are used to navigate to content and other areas of the web with ease. Some examples of these nodes are Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and Google. If you or your agencies knows what they are doing – as they should – your site can be more prominent on these all-important nodes.

You Won’t Be Wasting Time Alone Online

For small businesses especially, this is comforting news. The internet isn’t a massive unconnected blob of data and users that never come across each other. Putting yourself online or putting more effort into your online presence isn’t a waste of time. You’re not standing out there alone in the desert with no help.

Great content and the work of agencies can help your business become part of the connected web. Nineteen clicks or less is all it takes for someone to stumble across any page on the entire web. That number gets much smaller when a person is actually actively looking for a service or a website through one of the nodes, be it Facebook or Google or even Twitter.

Social media plays an important role as an aggregator as well. It’s no surprise that the biggest and best companies with the strongest online presence are using social media and even have full-time teams dedicated to those platforms, the nodes. Social media works and its influence will only grow in the future.

Keep Focusing on Your Internet Presence

Plain and simple, the internet is where businesses need to focus their time and effort. People are only getting more and more connected through smart phones, tablets, PCs, smart TVs, and the plethora of other gadgets we have the ability to use. Social media is getting more widespread and integrated in the online world as we become constantly connected.

So don’t be discouraged by the immensity of the internet – there’s a place for every business online. Social media makes connecting people to your business and your brand very easy. As Jesus Diaz reminds us on Gizmodo, based on the research, “no matter how much the web grows, the steps to connect one random page to another random page will never pass the 19 clicks mark.” Billions of people are and always will be a mere 19 clicks or less from your home on the web. Make sure you make an impact and you’ll have fans and customers for a long time.

How does this study change how you think about the internet? Let us know in the comments!