then now tomorrow

It’s hard to imagine a world without technology. Over the last decade, it has become more and more embroidered into the fabric of our day to day lives. The speed in which things have changed has been extraordinary. In any office around the world, you will more than likely find three generations of people, all with entirely different experiences, attitudes and aptitude when it comes to technology.

The mature ones – business was very different back when these professional joined the workforce. They were here when emails and PC’s first began populating our homes and offices. They learned fast and adapted to the speed and efficiency that technology offered. Since then, technology has gone further than anyone could have imagined and the mature professional can only try to keep up.

The ageing millennials – they grew up with a PC in their homes. They were the first generation to own their own laptop, they embraced the mobile phone which quickly became the colour screen, the camera, the video, the touch screen and then the smart phone. One might call them the beta testers of modern technology. Once described as text savvy, the ageing millennial was just entering adolescence when social media exploded. They know what they’re doing, for now.

The young Millennial – the duel screen generation. Mobile in one hand, laptop in the other. Multitasking like a hi-tech Yoda, the young millennial’s childhood was a world apart from the rest. Technology isn’t an aid to communication or a means of entertainment; it’s their identity, an appendage, a shield to protect them from the invasion of the outside world. Technology is their language, their currency and their security.

And they are the future of your organisation.

The young millennial sitting in your office isn’t just your graduate trainee or assistant; they’re more than likely your target demographic. If not now, then one day.

Technology hasn’t just changed the way things are done. It has changed the way people are doing things. If we think change is occurring at an exponential rate, we really haven’t seen anything yet.

Today’s consumer is expecting expediency and efficiency because technology has taught them that it’s possible. Yet, the generation clambering at our heels is more savvy, more efficient, more speedy, more expectant and not to mention –25% likely not to marry until they are 40; meaning they have more expendable income for a greater period of time than any generation before.
Whatever you’re selling, demand is likely to increase while patience and understanding are likely to decrease.

When planning for the future success of your business, do you feel like your infrastructure can adequately service the gold mines in your office?

Investing in the latest cloud technology is the only way to guarantee that your business can adapt to the increasing demands of the modern world while offering an extraordinary customer service.