Tablets for Business

The appeal of the iPad for businesses has been its effectiveness as a sales tool. Field sales people, pharma reps, real estate agents and the like have migrated to the lightweight iPad to display numbers and spreadsheets to clients. Things like the ability to connect the iPad to a video projector coupled with iWork’s impressive Keynote presentation software, can make for stunning conference-room presentations.

For certain, the iPad has been a welcome addition to the mobile salesforce arsenal of tools, joining new strategies, social media tools and technologies to the way business is conducted. However, a common limitation and frequent complaint has been that the tool can take you only so far in the sales process. It necessarily ends with the presentation cycle, and doesn’t bode well for closing of the sale.

Sign On the Bottom Line

Companies like Readdle, xyzmo and Liquid Presentations are changing that. These tools let you read and annotate PDF documents. Sales teams can submit forms, highlight text, make notes, and most importantly, sign contracts on the spot. Done are the days of needing to hustle back to the office to “complete the paper-work.” Using tools like these, a convincing salesperson can immediately seal a deal with an interested buyer the very moment he has their captive interest.


Not to mention, this all saves companies both time and money. By incorporating digital signature capturing into the process of signing documents, companies avoid the costs in labor associated with handling of paper originals. The freshly executed contract can be emailed for immediate receipt by the client. The iPad sales cycle has come full circle.