What June 13th, 2012 tells us, when ICANN opens its long awaited ‘Reveal Day,’ is that about 1000 entities have applied for some 2000 gTLD names. Now, if the applicants have already spent USD $350 million on buying these 2000 proposed names plus ready to spend additional million dollars on average on each single name in hard and soft costs, this cumulative multi-billion dollar shock-wave will unleash a booming aftermarket.

For sure this will shake down the old image branding mentalities, challenge trademark procedures and create overnight bright new stars and media darlings. Hunger for new knowledge will create intelligent debates and forums. However, not all applied names will be successful, as is always the case. Naming of any idea of any size, anywhere in the world has become a very tricky maneuver. The applicants are rightfully joyous about their proposed names and eagerly anxious for the games to begin.

The Naming Guide:
The real test lies in the longevity of the gTLD names, unhealthy signs, very often hidden and requires non-biased evaluation. The business world is already inundated with poorly structured names that simply suck out all the profits but somehow the corporations keep on pushing such dead weights. The Naming Guide was released today http://www.abcnamebank.com to provide some insight and to ease some of the excitement and confusion that revolves around such brand christening exercises. The value of the gTLD names when swapped, traded or auctioned will be determined not by the emotional mood but the real name evaluation based on global corporate nomenclature rules surrounded by suitability, marketability, stretch-ability and long term
protect ability. The gTLD aftermarket boom has arrived and here are key issues

The Big Brand Owners:
What were the main reasons for their teams to miss the gTLD train, what next?

The Dot Brand Applicants:
What progressive gTLD name branding patterns have they planned for sure success?

The Dot Generic Applicants:
What’s the right price for their most cherished name identity in an auction?

Dot Destination Applicants:
When and how will gTLDs become the next big agenda items on Mayoralty elections?

The Domain Registries:
What level of name management proficiencies are now being offered by their firms?

The Domain Registrars:
What level of value added services being offered to a complex aftermarket customers?

The Global Domainers:
What are the new guidelines when domain prices become totally unpredictable?

The Trademark Law Firms:
How many of their big client’s missed the gTLD train and why and what next?

The Branding & Advertising Agencies:
Did the opposition to gTLD taught any lessons? What next and how to regain momentum?

The Big Corporate World:
Have they figured out what just happened today and have qualified people to explain all this?

The ICANN World:
How to answers ongoing tough naming questions and keep Applicants happy?

Each player has to position itself with the right trajectory to capture the market, right knowledge while skilled teams would bring the biggest bang. The naming game has advanced; intellectual prowess would be more in demand than fancy decorum, global knowledge would be more critical than myopia. At the end the gTLD is all about naming and how are they stretched over the global canvass.