New technology doesn’t always have to be high-tech. In fact, our top three picks are inspired by gadgets of the past. Take a walk down memory lane with us.

1. Ikea cardboard digital camera
Bored by your point-and-shoot camera? Check out Ikea’s latest creation, a AA battery-powered cardboard digital camera. Although the camera’s internal memory is only large enough to store 40 photos, users can transfer them to another device via USB. Plus, it’s pretty snazzy looking and bound to attract plenty of attention.

2. Printed electronics
One of the most interesting panels at SXSW this year was Can Printed Electronics Save the Music Industry. Much of the discussion centered on how people interact with their electronic devices – both currently and what this interaction could look like in the future. Printed electronics are an emerging technology that has the potential to re-connect physical and digital forms. If these low-tech yet impressive creations (paper headphones, musical posters and postcards) are any indication, paper will continue to play an important role in our digitized world.

3. Twittertape Machine
Inspired by the ticker tape machines of yesteryears, the Twittertape Machine is able to print a feed of a user’s tweets and @ mentions for Twitter. The most amazing part is that the prototype requires only an Ethernet connection to work – no computer or printer ink necessary.