Everyone was anxiously awaiting the iPhone 5. In fact, after there was another infamous “bar drop,” people were so hyped about the iPhone5 that lines were starting to form, people were formulating strategies, etc. Then, came the iPhone 4S. I don’t even care about Apple products at all, and even I was slightly surprised. The media totally bought into the idea of an iPhone 5, but all we got was another iPhone 4.

So, what’s the difference between the two (obviously the ‘S’ has to stand for something)? Well, here are some of the differences: It has a faster A5 Dual-Core Processor (which speeds up phone operations), it has a better camera (eight mega pixels with 1080p HD video recorder), Siri voice assistant tool, 64 GB model, faster Internet, better battery life and iOS 5. So, is the new iPhone worth chucking your old one for?

I suppose it’s a personal choice, but I have never thought much of those who always buy the latest-and-greatest Apple product. I grant you, these are all cool features, but is it really worth spending several hundred dollars two-or-three times a year? Is the iPad really worth it? If you have a laptop, why would you not just use that? I understand that the mobility of the tablet is attractive. However, most of the apps–that either comes already with a computer or you could download for free–that you download from the Apple store cost you money. Furthermore, some of the games they develop and sell not only cost money to buy initially, but charge you money as you use it.

Again, it’s a personal choice. I will not impose my own views about Apple on anyone else, the way you spend your money is up to you. I just don’t think it’s worth it sometimes is all. Hope you enjoy your new phone, if you got it.

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