Bosch washing machines come from a long pedigree of home appliance innovations. Bosch Home Appliances was founded in 1886 by German engineer, Robert Bosch near Stuttgart, under the moniker “Workshop for Precision Mechanics and Engineering”. He began by producing magneto ignition devices for stationary gas engines, and soon expanded to other automotive technologies. Twelve years later, Bosch expanded, choosing Great Britain as the home of its first overseas subsidiary in 1898. Nine years later, the Bosch Magneto Company Ltd offices were founded just off Oxford Street in London.


Bosch took its first steps into the realm of home appliances in 1933 with a home refrigeration unit. After World War II, Bosch Home continued to innovate, with the all-in-one food processor, in 1952, and freezers in 1956. In 1958 the home division expanded beyond the kitchen with the introduction of first Bosch washing machine. An immediate success, constant research and development continued, and the first full-service Bosch washing machines debuted in 1960. Another first, the all-in-one washer/dryer combo appliance followed in 1967.

1967 and the BSH years

1967 was also the year that saw the formation of a joint-venture partnership between Bosch and Siemens corporations, forming the Bosch-Siemens Hausgeraete, or BSH. This allowed BSH to drive product development and innovation forward. Thanks to this collaboration, it has since been unnecessary to keep an eye on one’s washing whilst it washes since Bosch’s introduction of the first single unit combined washer/dryer in 1972. BSH has continued to innovate, and is currently endorsed by the Consortium for Energy Efficiency (CEE), which promotes green appliances and technologies.

Charity and social responsibility

BSH has a long standing tradition of modernisation, innovation, social responsibility policy and charitable business practices, as laid out by its founder Robert Bosch in the early 20th century. Bosch was one of the first German industrialists to introduce the eight hour work week, and donated profits from war contracts to a variety of charities. Upon Robert Bosch’s death in 1942, profits from his company earnings were allocated to a variety of charitable organisations, and the corporate constitution that he outlined is still valid today, as stipulated by his will.

Bosch in the UK

The long-standing presence of Bosch in the United Kingdom has made it a powerful economic partner. With its headquarters in Denham, Buckinghamshire, Bosch employs over 5,000 people over 37 sites across the UK and continues to expand with green initiatives based in Worcester, which promise to expand UK-based manufacturing.

Latest home laundry Bosch technology

Continuing its forward-looking tradition into the 21st century, Bosch washing machines are still pioneering new technologies like XxtraSanitary®, which uses thermostat-controlled heating to kill 99.9 percent of common bacteria. EcoSmart™ Technology and EcoAction™ Options reduce energy consumption without sacrificing performance. Overall, Bosch washing machines are an ideal choice for consumers who want to support domestic business, while making a purchase which is good for the environment as well as their wallet.