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There is an endless array of computers to choose from, but when looking for the best computer technology for a family computer, there are a number of reasons why touchscreen computers make a lot of sense. When looking for the best technology for a family computer, touchscreen technology really needs to be considered. Listed below are some of the major benefits and drawbacks pertaining to touchscreen all in one computers.

Ease of Use

Those who have used a touchscreen realize how incredibly easy and intuitive this technology is to use. It makes navigation extremely easy for everyone including little children. Small kids are much less intimidated with a touchscreen. Even hardcore users of traditional computers that are used to dealing with a keyboard and mouse are pleasantly surprised how much easier it is to just touch the screen as one navigates. Touchscreen computers are often more accommodating to users with physical disabilities and other issues.

Less Space Is required

One of the advantages of touchscreen computer technology for family use is the fact that it requires less physical space to reside in. Since the traditional interfaces like a keyboard and mouse are no longer necessary, a touchscreen computer can fit in smaller available areas where space is at a premium. This is a huge advantage for homes that have space issues. There is also greater flexibility as to where the computer can be put. Since most touch screens can easily be wiped clean, the PC can go into the kitchen where the tribe is eating.

Increased Speed

Anytime a user needs to find the mouse, locate the cursor on the screen, and adjust to the speed and idiosyncrasies of the pointer, valuable time is lost. Touch screens eliminate the need for a mouse and therefore speed up how quickly tasks can be accomplished. Users can select icons directly without needing to employ the use of a mouse. Studies indicate that touchscreen technology results in 20 percent less response time.


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All-in-one computer (AIO-PC) is a term that refers to desktop computers which incorporate the internal components of the computer into the monitor case. A tower and a keypad are now a thing of the past. This technology incorporates touch screen technology and appears to be the next big trend.


Since all-in-one touchscreen computers represent a relatively new technology, they may cost a little more than traditional computers which is one factor that needs to be considered. Another thing to consider is that software options are still somewhat limited, although that is quickly being resolved as the popularity of the technology grows. Touchscreen technology opens up the kitchen as a new frontier for computer use which is a major selling point however, most of these screens are not water proof even though they can be wiped clean easily. Caution needs to be used when these devices are used in the kitchen. All things considered, many consumers feel that the advantages outweigh the disadvantages.

Final Things to Consider

When shopping for an all-in-one touchscreen for family use, a 10 point touchscreen should be considered to get the full use of Windows 8 touch capability. One needs to evaluate how the family will be using the device with regard to possible angles. Some devices can lie flat while others are used at an angle or in an upright model.

The size of the screen needs to be carefully considered. Typical specifications include an i5 processor with 6-8 GB memory. Storage is often 1TB. Interestingly, storage is becoming much less of an issue for families that are utilizing the cloud. By taking all of these issues into consideration one will be better prepared to make a decision about touchscreen computing for the family.

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