Today there are many different ways to market an eBook. You can choose to do it alone, via a digital download in the form of a PDF file using many different types of programs such as Clickbank, 1Shopping Cart and others.

You can also choose to publish it on Amazon to be read via Kindle or on Barnes & Noble via their reader The Nook. There are some differences between each.

Doing it yourself — There is no ready market browsing your website, sales pages, or Clickbank (for a sign up fee) for your books so you will be 100 percent responsible for attracting viewers to your book. But, there are no limits on the price you can command, and you can also get affiliates to help you sell and make decent money in the process. But, likely sell to a smaller audience. You probably can do both if you ensure that your price this way is always higher than your price in the Kindle or Nook marketplaces as their terms of service indicate.

Kindle — This is an awesome opportunity for any writer with any eBooks or information that they want to get into the world. You’ll have at your fingertips the massive audience that Amazon has. They do promote their eBooks by having them in their Kindle Market Place and sometimes they may bundle your book with someone else’s giving you even more opportunity to be found. They have a few more hoops to go through but you don’t need an ISBN, or a publisher to get listed and sell on Kindle. Using Amazon’s directions for formatting is not very difficult, though templates make it easier, just pay really close attention to the details.

Nook — With the Nook you use a PubIt! program to publish your eBook. It’s more difficult than Kindle in some ways, but you can use .html format now so it’s making the publishing process easier because you can essentially use the same file for both Kindle and the Nook. You also have to have a credit card on file with Barnes & Noble and it takes longer to get your payment for books sold and there are some issues with returns.

Overall Amazon is still more friendly to publishers / authors than Barnes & Noble but it’s still worth it to list your book in both places. Additionally, more people own Kindles right now than they do the Nook, therefore Kindle is automatically going to have more sales than the Nook. Barnes & Noble may catch up with Amazon so you want to be both places. They have to, if they want to compete in this new publishing paradigm. Therefore, as a writer, don’t give up on them even if they are more difficult to deal with than Amazon.

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Remember why you are publishing your eBook on Kindle and on the Nook.

It’s not just to make money from the sale of your book. In fact, it might not be to make money at all. The fact is, if you’re publishing a book as a calling card, or as another marketing method for your core products and services, then you need to publish in both spots.

If you are trying to make money from eBook publishing, consider publishing first to Kindle to test your book to see how it sells then if it goes well, move to also publishing on the Nook.