Having custom designed software for professional or personal use can be extremely helpful if you have very specific tasks to perform. It could be something as straightforward as web design on a custom code for a website or a very complicated code for an entire program. Most ‘custom’ programs that people use these days are in fact alterations of existing programs, especially of open source programs.

Before you look at getting software you need to:

  • Determine for what exactly you need to use the software.
  • Decide on your budget for the software.
  • Make enquiries about specific software.
  • Check if that software covers your needs.

Custom Designed Websites

Websites are one thing that really benefit from custom coding. There are also lots of freelancers that can create specific functions for your website. This is useful if you need to have your website do something particular to your business. However, there are also lots of pre-made solutions for websites like:

  • WordPress – the most popular CMS out there at the moment.
  • Joomla – Probably second to WordPress in popularity and and a little more complicated but more powerful .
  • Drupal – Not as frequently used but a very straightforward alternative to WordPress and Joomla.

Using pre-made content management systems and other coding in PHP is a great way to save time and money. All these systems are free but you might want to pay someone to work on the look and function of the site so that it is unique to your business.

Using Existing Website Software

If you do not have the finances or you just want to create a personal website then it is usually best to just use pre-existing software. This will keep you up to date in terms of functionality as well as security. If you are developing your own website coding (or having someone to do it for you) there are always security risks to consider.

Custom Design Business Software

Having the right custom designed software for your business is sometimes unavoidable if you have a very specific product or service. A good example is CMMS, which helps businesses plan their maintenance and even cleaning schedules. This can be used for scheduling car maintenance, computer maintenance, toilet cleaning schedules and more, and obviously, most of these types of software needs to be customised (at least a little).

Altering Existing Software

Even if you can’t afford to have completely customised software made for your business you should be customising your existing software to better suit your needs. This can be done even by altering the basic settings of your word processor or even just creating templates. The idea is not necessarily to have the best software but simply to save time and increase business productivity.

Reviewing Your Own Software

If you are thinking of buying new software for your business – be it custom or not – make sure you make a thorough review of what you already have. You might even be able to work with your current arrangement with a few improvements rather than try and source new software. Take your time with it as well, as you will not want to have to change software again anytime soon.