50 Free Internet TV Channels

Who has never felt like throwing the remote control and the TV out of the window because in spite of multitudes of channels available both on cable and satellite, there is nothing worth watching on the box.  Many of the channels available are devoted to repeating the same episodes of the same shows over and over again, while it still isn’t possible to watch that one missed episode of one’s favourite show.

This is where Internet TV comes to the rescue. With thousands of channels from around the globe being available freely (yes, free, no extra cost!) it is easy to find something worth watching and even to see that missed episode, an old favourite series or a classic movie one hasn’t seen for years.

No idea where to start? No problem at all. We have compiled a list of the top 50 sites offering free Internet TV. Anything from multi-lingual soap operas to news, sports, movies, kid’s TV and more can be found on these sites.

There is no particular order to these sites, as it is best to take a look at what’s on offer and decide what is most suitable according to personal preferences.

The first ten channels consist of:

  • Apni.tv
  • Download.Television Fanatic
  • Freetubetv
  • freetv.anything4free
  • livefooty.doctor
  • Live TV Channels Free
  • StreamingTVEpisodes
  • Blinkx
  • TV.DesitVForum
  • TV-Video.net.

The list then goes on with Watch Series, wwiTV.com, Alluc, Beeline TV and Blinkbox, followed by CastTV, CBS News, Channel Chooser, Channel King and Choose And Watch.

CTV, Fox, Free Live Sports TV, Free TV Online and Get Miro are then followed by Graboid, Hulu (which is only available to US viewers), Live-Online-TV, My Easy TV and NBC.

Then there are NewPCTV4U, Online TV, the OVGuide, PP Stream and SeeSaw, as well as Side Reel, Streamick, Surf The Channel, TV4Free and TV Channels Free.

Free-TV-Video-Online, TV Duck, TV-Links, TVlizer and TVShow7 complete the top fifty with TVU Networks, Watch Fomny, Watch Free TV Online, World TVPC and Your TV Links.

This, of course is just a small selection among many other sites, which are just as likely to be interesting for many users and will probably offer another multitude of channels.

They are all easy enough to find by simply typing ‘free online TV’, or ‘free Internet TV’ into the browser’s search bar. In fact, just entering online or Internet TV will come up with a long list of possibilities.

What they all do is offer viewers a choice of thousands of different channels and shows, sports, documentaries and news from any country they choose to select.

With so much choice, watching Internet TV will certainly never be boring for any member of the family. As for the usual battle over who gets to watch their programs, just setting multiple computers, usually available in most homes, up for different channels and everyone can watch their favourites when they want and arguments will become ancient history.

We hope this information will be helpful and wish everyone a wonderful time and many happy viewing hours, free of charge and free from the eternal boredom provided by expensive ordinary TV channels.