describe the imageIt’s always wonderful when a good IT project comes together. However, not every plan can turn out as smooth as you’d want it. In fact, only a third of all projects turn out to be complete successes. Many IT project failures are the result of an overworked in-house IT team.

In many cases, these teams often bite off a lot more than they can chew. This overreach can range from new technologies that haven’t been properly mastered to aggressive time schedules that eventually prove to be unrealistic. IT project outsourcing can help your in-house IT team avoid many of these downfalls while ensuring that critical projects go on without a hitch.

Five IT Project Downfalls

  1. Constant change in project scope. Scope creep is a real problem that can cause more work than expected for those on an IT project. Changes that weren’t initially planned are added to the project, causing it to take longer and cost more money than originally planned. Change management is necessary to keep small changes here and there from becoming big problems later on.
  2. Aggressive time tables. Getting a project or a product out the door is always desirable, but an overworked and understaffed in-house IT team may see a tight project timetable as an excuse to cut corners or under-deliver. If your time constraints are too tight for the project at hand, you could end up with low quality results or a completely failed project altogether.
  3. Inexperience. Your IT department may be faced with a project done with technologies or methods it isn’t familiar with. If the project includes a steep learning curve, your team might spend the vast majority of its time learning its way around those methods rather than getting the job done. Outsourcing the project to an outside service provider with the proper knowledge base may help get it back on track, allowing the in-house team to do what they do best.
  4. Poor communication. When dealing with an overworked in-house IT team on a strict timetable, signals can get crossed up. Communication is always the key to project success and a lack of it can set a formerly-successful project on the road to failure.
  5. Inadequate resources. Your IT department may not have enough people or those with the right skills to get the job done. This can easily result in deadlines and milestones being missed.

Many of the downfalls experienced by in-house IT teams can be solved with IT project outsourcing. Leaving certain components of an IT project in the hands of an outside service provider can help take the pressure off of an already overworked workforce. IT project outsourcing could be the thing that keeps your IT project on-track.