IT Data CenterDespite the uncertainty surrounding the general state of the economy and what it means to businesses, outsourcing IT functions remains a popular method of reducing costs and overhead. If your business lacks the capacity to sustain a fully functional IT department, outsourcing many of those IT functions can help free up well needed space and capital. For larger businesses, relegating IT functions to third-party service providers represents tremendous cost savings and gains in efficiency.

Companies of all sizes enjoy the benefits of outsourcing IT functions, but this type of outsourcing tends to benefit small to medium-sized businesses the most. Many of these enterprises are only able to sustain a small IT organization, at best. Handing off the most burdensome IT functions to outside service providers can provide your business with an effective advantage.

Popular Outsourcing Functions

The three most popular IT functions to outsource are:

Virtualization currently stands as the most frequently outsourced IT function. As with many other outsourced functions, assigning application development to a third-party service provider allows companies to focus on their core competencies while increasing both organizational and fiscal efficiency. Some companies choose to retain their capacity to develop their own solutions and instead outsource upkeep and management of those programs to outside service providers. This allows companies to retain their development teams while maintaining a lean profile.

Along with virtualization, many companies choose to outsource their data center operations. This option is especially attractive to businesses whose core competencies are not IT-related. Building and managing an in-house data center is often difficult, costly and time-consuming, especially to small and medium-sized businesses. Many of these businesses turn to outsourcing companies that specialize in Hardware Infrastructure as a Service (HIaaS). In many cases, the services provided by HIaaS companies are often more robust and refined than any potential in-house effort.

Data center disaster recovery is another IT function that is often outsourced instead of being left to an in-house team. Most companies prefer to outsource this particular function instead of setting aside the time, effort and staff needed to create and maintain in-house disaster recovery. The overall cost of setting up the necessary infrastructure that is required for in-house disaster recovery often outweighs the overall cost of having these functions managed by skilled outside service providers like LimeLight Technology Solutions.

Virtualization, data center operations and data center disaster recovery remain the top functions outsourced to outside service providers. Even in today’s uncertain economic climate, outsourcing IT functions remains an effective way of controlling costs and improving overall organizational efficiency.