Innovations in technology are constantly changing the landscape of our world.  This is no different in the world of business.  One particular aspect of the business world that is being molded by technology is business-to-business interaction.  Technology has always played a major role in many business functions and it has become a driving force in the B2B marketplace.

Mobile Technology

The first thing that comes to mind when considering how technology is changing the B2B arena is mobile technology.  These days just about everyone (especially those in business) has a smartphone.  This has altered many aspects of B2B.  The integration of mobile technology has completely changed the way B2B companies actually conduct business.  Through the use of mobile technology businesses have realized they can improve on certain business functions or even completely re-structure them.  Some of the advantages that mobile technology provides include; access to resources from any location, quicker response time to clients, and increased flexibility regarding communication.  These advantages all improve on existent business functions or create opportunities for new processes.

Technological Advancements Streamlining Communication

As mentioned above, mobile technology and technology as a whole are increasing flexibility and simplifying the process of B2B communication.  There are many different technologies being developed and implemented every day that either make B2B communication faster, easier, more efficient, or all of the above.  Technology is streamlining inter-business communication which in turn, is increasing productivity and helping companies work more efficiently together.  A good way to understand how this is being applied is to look at a real life example.  One such example is the development of the portable spectrophotometer.  The spectrophotometer is an instrument which measures color.  The development of a portable spectrophotometer has had an immense effect on how car manufacturers in the automotive industry do business with each other.  The portable device allows businesses to get precise color readings from multiple locations, thus accelerating the communication process and increasing efficiency and productivity.  Technological innovations such as this are helping businesses to improve communication and make various functions and processes smoother.

Technology Changing B2B Relationships

Technology is not only influencing how companies conduct business with one another, but actually changing how they interact as a whole.  The ease and flexibility in communication that technology provides has changed how businesses talk to each other.  It has given more employees access to information that is necessary for decision making which makes it easier to complete various tasks.  Technology has also made it easier to track/show efficiency through up-to-the second status reports and software that follows employee activity and production.  These innovations have created processes that can help business hold one another accountable as well as opened pathways of communication which were previously not possible.  Technology is changing the standards, practices, and overall approach regarding B2B interaction.

Technology has always played an integral role in the functions and interactions of B2B companies.  In the B2B marketplace, as with most marketplaces, technology has been a driving force behind changes in the way business is conducted.  As technology continues to develop, businesses must adapt and change to optimize the advantages provided by these technological advancements.