Over the last 8 years, I have been very open with the tools I use, especially when I feel they will help my audience with their business. There are a number of tools which I continuously mention that tick all of the boxes and when it comes to creating visuals, Canva stands out.

Canva is deemed as good as Photoshop by some of the best designers in the industry. With great features and already existing images to use, you can create a professional looking image in a matter of seconds. 99% of all visuals on my website, were created in Canva.

I received an email just last week from Canva, introducing their new business platform, with an invite to upgrade my account free of charge for two months. Of course, I graciously accepted and had a look through their new brand section.

Canva’s “for work” section has been in the works for quite some time. This new addition allows you to manage your site’s design, edit, resize and redesign images specifically for your business needs.

When I clicked on the “your brand” section I noticed a large range of already designed templates that myself, or any of my team can use and customise.


Canva has just over four million users, and raised $7.7million in May, 2015. Pricing for this upgrade depends on the number of team members using the platform. It’s $10 per user, per month. Co-founder Melanie Perkins said the following;

“Canva for Work has been designed for everyone from a tiny solopreneur to a fortune 500 company. It solves a lot of pain points every company faces.”

There are some great videos to get you started on your Canva journey. Take a look at the below video, how to set up your brand kit. There are also two other Canva videos: how to use photo folders and how to magically resize your designs.

Canva is one of my favourite tools because of how professional the images look, how easy it is to create images and how innovative and user friendly the platform is. Good work Canva, and I can’t wait to see what the next new feature will be.