With only a few months remaining in 2012, there are still a few worthwhile tech-related conferences, meetups and other events that you can catch before the year is up. From large-scale events like consumer electronics shows to more personal meet and greets held in major cities around the world, the many millions of tech enthusiasts among us get together more often than you may think!

Whether you attend from the perspective of a consumer just for the sheer fun of staying in the technology loop or you’re a professional for whom staying abreast of the latest technological happenings is crucial, check out any one of these tech meetups for this autumn that promise to provide information, networking opportunities and plain old fun:

1. Wired 2012

Wired 2012

Sponsored by well-known tech magazine WIRED, the Wired 2012 conference will be the second iteration of what is proving to be a popular format, jam-packing two days of highly stimulating talks, workshops and showcases aimed at those with an interest in technology, whether professional or personal.

With last year’s event boasting almost 500 presenters, Wired 2012 is expected to surpass that number, making this a premium spot to learn about the latest innovations that are leading to the products that we’ll be using in 2013.

When and Where: Wired 2012 will be held at the Brewery London in historical London, England in October, 2012, giving you a taste of old British culture and new British innovation, all at the same time.

2. Refresher Miami: Introduction to Windows 8 Apps

Refresher Miami

Set for release on October 26, 2012, Windows 8 promises to change the way that we work and play with personal computers, introducing a slew of changes to the classic Windows interface and framework. One of the most compelling of those changes is the switch to an “apps” format for delivering software, a break from the norm that Microsoft now refers to as “legacy software.”

Taking place a mere two days before that release, this iteration of the Miami Refresher series promises to educate app developers and average users alike on what this change will mean for them, focusing on the Windows 8 ecosystem and the languages required to successfully build and deploy apps within it.

When and Where: This Windows 8 edition of Refresher Miami will take place in October, 2012 at the University of Miami. Need accommodations in Florida’s favorite city? Check out MiamiHotels.org for great locations and even better rates!

3. 24th SITEX Singapore

24th SITEX Singapore

More than 900,000 participants from every imaginable area of the consumer electronics industry are expected to attend this year’s SITEX Singapore, an event held with great success each year since 1988. Structured as a trade show but offering something for any innovator or tech enthusiast, this year’s edition will boast more than 500 product manufacturers showcasing many thousands of products, making this a prime stop if keeping your finger on the pulse of end-user technology is your goal.

When and Where: This year’s SITEX Singapore event is set to be held at the Singapore Expo from November 22-25, 2012, bringing together nearly one million people from within the industry at one of the largest conferences of its kind in the world.

4. CloudBeat 2012

CloudBeat 2012

The web and the technology that runs it are each constantly evolving, but the concept of services and files residing in the cloud appears to be here to stay for the foreseeable future and CloudBeat 2012 aims to be anyone’s guide to taking advantage of that cloud from both a personal and professional point of view.

When and Where: The unique town of Redwood City, California will provide the backdrop for CloudBeat 2012 from November 28-29, 2012, providing a taste of Pacific Ocean autumn alongside a healthy dose of cloud know-how!