You don’t have to be a Student to take advantage of these Tech Bargains

It seems as if summer gets shorter and shorter every year. How can school be just around the corner? Whether you’re in the market for a PC, printer or router for the new academic year or just poised to take advantage of seasonal sales for your business, you’ll be joining the back-to-school hordes buying computers, peripherals and gadgets in the coming weeks. The following websites — including some you may not have heard of — offer great tech deals to compare and contrast with your local electronics store. Newegg Inc., based in the Los Angeles suburb of Industry, Calif., is one of the largest online retailers specializing in computer parts, networking supplies (such as routers and wireless adapters), RAM and external drives. The company shines in its top category, computer hardware, and its huge selection of additional products easily can be whittled down with search modifiers. Under the products, check the customer reviews, which can guide you in choosing among models. TigerDirect, based in Miami, also is a good source for electronics and price comparison. Be sure to factor in shipping costs and/or taxes, which can markedly change the final price of your selection. Luckily, both TigerDirect and Newegg offer a well laid-out cart function that allows you to see final cost before requiring your credit card number. This technology-products shopping guide offers “Top System Deals” and daily “Hottest Deals” sections, which magically amass the best tech bargains from across the net, saving you hours of searching for what’s on sale where. Top System Deals identify the best bang for your buck at build-your-own-PC sites such as Dell and Hewlett-Packard, offering a selection of the best packages and coupon codes to get the lowest price. The current-deals section, on the home page’s right rail, lists coupon codes for Dell and HP computers and components. The website is about more than books, movies and personal care products. It’s a great resource for just about any tech item, particularly peripherals such as routers, cameras, printers, even tablets. It also often has video tutorials; and reviews and comments from a wider range of skill levels can provide you with a better idea of how easy a product will be to use. My go-to site for cables and adapters, Monoprice offers a dizzying selection of the less glamorous yet still necessary accessories to get your computer, peripherals and home theater working properly. Rock-bottom prices make it worth wading through the massive selection to buy network cables (i.e., CAT 5e or Ethernet), HDMI cables for your monitor, adapters for your portable electronics and much more. While limited in its product listings, Decide takes some of the guesswork out of determining when to buy electronics. It shows the going price of popular laptops, tablets, phones and cameras — and takes it further by using current information to predict whether the price will be adjusted soon. Considering a Kindle Fire purchase? Decide suggests waiting because a new model is rumored to be released soon.

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