tablet-use-rising-with-healthcare-professionalsLast year, Good Technology ranked healthcare as the third most active industry for iPad use in the U.S., and recent numbers show that trend is still growing. A new report from Epocrates states that 53% of physicians now use tablets at work (quite a jump up from 34% last year).

Ken Terry writes for Information Week that tablet adoption is primarily driving the increase in mobile device usage amongst healthcare professionals, “Nearly two years ago, 80% of physicians reported using mobile devices at work – but back then, most of them were using only smartphones,” he writes. ”Last year, Manhattan Research found that 62% of doctors were using tablets for professional purposes.”


Not surprisingly, the reason behind the increase in tablet adoption has a lot to do with flexibility and versatility. As Keith Andrews wrote this summer for Tab Times, “One of the reasons doctors love tablets is the versatility of the device. At work, they can be used to access radiographic images, patient reports, and other essential information. Their graphical capabilities make it easy to see images in high detail and point things out to patients.”

As with other industries, training is another a key use case, as the benefits of on-demand and mobile learning are undeniable for what The Guardian’s Guy Smallman describes as “time-poor” professionals.

“For healthcare professionals, mobile or tablet apps also have enormous potential for training and professional development,” Smallman explains. “Connectivity is built in, facilitating a blended learning platform with easily updatable information, in an accessible format. This allows for a truly flexible and enjoyable teaching and learning experience, with information available anytime, anywhere.”

Healthcare training meets on-demand video

The “enjoyable experience” Smallman refers to can be amplified through the use of online video, which has become a preferred format for training content across most industries these days. It’s now faster and easier for internal trainers to create on-demand video presentations for docs, nurses and other hospital staff members, and that content can be integrated with the organization’s HealthStream Learning Management System (LMS).

Viewing video content for an iPad or other tablet device creates an ideal scenario for staff, particularly in regards to convenience and time-savings. “In addition to enhancing learning, video can also reduce training time,” writes Renee Seker for “It’s easier and takes less time to watch a well-made video than it does to read through pages of dense text or complicated diagrams to grasp a concept.”

Today, healthcare organizations use video to train staff on a number of topics, from hospital security to patient care. By combing this content with mobile learning via tablets, busy healthcare professionals can access the information they need on-the-go – right when they need to – and have it delivered to them in a more compelling, effective way.

For more details on what on-demand and mobile video means for hospital training, check out the short presentation below.

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