For what it’s worth, our data security is what takes the prior essentiality in the modern times. Computers occasionally crash, reserved copies get broken and the flashcards burn or get lost much more often, then one can expect. So, can we do anything to keep the important information of ours safe?

Of course, we still can pray for computer gadgetry working well or, perhaps, keep printing out every document and reserve the copies of our music or photo-albums for three or four times. Yet, there has already been introduced a brand-new way to keep your files with you – file synchronization.

Despite the notion itself being relatively young, you can hardly find many people now who have never synched their files between computers. It’s fast, it’s convenient, and it’s seemingly safe.

In this respect, it’s rather strange, but the number of services offering easy-to-use file synchronization hasn’t still become large enough to fit the demand of users, and we currently don’t face the decent diversity of choice. Yet, there are some obvious leaders on the market, which have become more or less popular.

Here, the most old-known software to sync files is, of course, Dropbox, though the company’s position in times of intense competition are to be maintained to some extent, as the younger rivals are looking pretty well, I dare say. The offered 2 GB of free storage space are less, than enough for now, and the users’ desire to pay to get more hasn’t increased at least for a little bit.

As for the strong youngsters in file synchronization software niche, the most promising one is seemingly 4Sync. It’s not that other services like or SugarSync service, or the newest iCloud are bad or something, but if to compare the amount of storage space you get for free (the whole 15GB), the level of security and the convenience of usage is what helps 4Sync to overweigh its competitors.

Moreover, whereas other syncing services can’t offer any new functions, except for inviting friends or writing blog posts to enlarge your virtual storage space, 4Sync keeps releasing the new versions, at least.

Why I’ve mentioned the new versions, is mostly because of the latest release of 4Sync 1.0.2 , which comprises if not the brand-new functions, but definitely the increased syncing speed the upgraded data protection technology. I could also mention the brighter interface, but is it important after all? I wouldn’t say so, really. The functionality is far more essential, without any doubt.

To be completely honest, it’s hard to grasp the reasons why the development of syncing market is moving slower, than the development of mobile phones, or tablets, for example. Yet, hopefully, the situation will change to better, and we’ll have a chance to select the best one among the huuuuge array of available syncing options.

For now, we’ve got what we’ve got.