If your company is considering a transition from traditional phone lines to voice over internet protocol (VOIP) and your CFO is already counting the savings … STOP … and read this before you go any further.

Unfortunately, there’s a lot of misinformation in the marketplace about VOIP. Yes, it can save you money. But it can cost you in other ways.

Many early-VOIP adapters have experienced these telephonic nightmares:

  • Poor on-hold music quality.
  • Messages that repeat from the beginning when your customer is put on hold.
  • Difficulty in the management of your system.
  • The inability to play multiple streams of audio targeted to different locations.

In my role as CEO of On Hold Company, I talk to customers several times a week who are experiencing these problems because the person who sold them their new system didn’t explain VOIP limitations.

New isn’t always nice and can even be an embarrassment if typical VOIP shortcomings develop. And solving the problems after the fact are much more challenging than solving them before.

If you’re accustomed to having on hold messaging services that offer great sounding music, looping messages so the customer hears the entire message cycle, off-site management of files as well as the ability to target multiple locations with individualized messages – you’re not going to be happy if your expensive new VOIP system doesn’t do the same.

consultThat’s why we encourage you to consult with a trained telephonic system expert before buying a VOIP system.

Here’s how a consultation can save you time, money and headaches:


The first thing a consultation consist of is education. A quick informational session on VOIP’s strengths and weaknesses leads to realistic expectations. While VOIP can lower your phone bill, it can also diminish the quality of service, impose annoying limitations and saddle you with tedious tasks.

Experienced consultants provide training in how VOIP works and how these problems can affect the professional service and ease of use to which you are accustomed.


If you’ve shopped the marketplace for VOIP systems you already know that there are hundreds of service providers on the market. Who has time to study each system, understand the pros and cons, and choose one system to meet all your company’s needs? (And so begins the nightmare!)

If you only take just one thing away from this article, remember this: a consulting company knows how to research the nuances of each platform and develop a strategy that meets your company’s specific needs. Consultants have likely already helped thousands of customers transition successfully to VOIP. And with VOIP, experience really is the best teacher.. Expert consultants are trained to research your needs, offer recommendations on system design, and help develop strategies and ‘work-arounds’ so the VOIP caller experience is superb.


It’s better if you consult with an expert before you purchase and install your VOIP system. But if the horse has already left the gate, an experienced consultant can still solve problems to correct certain issues. Don’t live with VOIP-induced troubles – it’s bad for business. And don’t cancel your on hold messaging service due to substandard quality issues. Let a trained expert offer solutions and turn a disappointing experience into a win-win.


Due to its inherent ability to lower communications costs, VOIP is inevitable and here to stay. Do it wrong and it can damage your brand. Do it right and it can not only save you money, but position your brand with the same quality of service that your customers have come to expect and appreciate.