Like most people on this planet, I hate Monday mornings. Unless something epic grabs my attention and snaps me awake. For instance take today morning, when something about Facebook Monopoly caught my eye. Clicking on the link took me to the latest post on the {grow} blog written by the eminent Mark Schaefer. He has a plan for anyone who wants to unseat Facebook – a more exclusive Facebook. I think it will take more than that.

The next thing to revolutionize the online world and social media will have to be more than a ‘MiniMe’. Facebook made ‘Likers’ out of us all. You were ‘in’ if you got on the ‘Like’ bandwagon. Or you were left behind! There was (or is) no room for a marginal like, or God forbid, a ‘dislike’. Enter new kid on the block – Swipp!


Swipp, a newly launched Bay area startup is based on social intelligence and allows the user to rate anything on a scale of -5 to +5. That is a much wider range than just a ‘Like’. Although login to Swipp is currently offered through Facebook (why?), the attraction here might be the ability to rate literally anything.

This is how it works – you enter a name or personality, place like city or restaurant, animal like the polar bear, or a thing like cheeseburger and rate it. Swipp shows you how many people in the world voted for it and the average score along with the demographic data. You can track or bookmark the things you rated, and also upload photos.

Here is why I think Swipp has a lot of potential –

The Ultimate Data Warehouse

Once Swipp gets millions of people across the globe to vote on things, big data will come into play. Anyone who’s worked in data analytics can imagine the humungous amounts of data this is going to generate. Data that will increase exponentially as more and more people vote on stuff every day. This could be a gold mine when converted into information.

Swipp Can Drive Consumer Behavior

Demographics with Swipp

Truly global participation brings the ‘one world’ concept closer. Buying a car? Move over Edmunds! Swipp will tell me what people across the globe think about my choice. Swipp will even tell me what people in different countries think, how many people voted, what women think and so on. Will this drive buying decisions? I think yes.

Universal Swipp Index

Swipp widgets can be embedded on third party sites. Reading the news? Rate it. Buying a cell phone? Rate it. Don’t like palm trees? Rate them. Imagine a world that rates anything and everything they come across in real time. Perhaps everything you see around you will have a Swipp score. Seems impossible? So did a stationary sun!

Boost for the Economy

An ever growing data warehouse means more hardware, larger data centers, more analytics and unlimited ways of drawing reports and statistics. This will need people, maybe in multiple centers across the world. Translate that into more jobs for the economy. A stimulus that could energize the economy of more than one country!

Swipp It from Anywhere

When the world thinks beyond a like

With apps for iPhone, web and other platforms, Swipp promises easy accessibility. Integration into other websites will make it easy for people to rate things. So even if you’re buying something from Amazon, the Swipp score would tell you what people think about a product irrespective of where they buy it from.

The future of Swipp

If you’ve ever read a product review before buying anything or asked your friends’ opinion about something, you are a likely candidate to be taken in by the allure of collective public opinion.

Will Swipp become a bigger verb than ‘Like’? When people ‘Liked’ something, they appeared benevolent. How many people will be willing to have a negative opinion publicly associated with themselves? Will the ability to have an actual opinion attract people who don’t use Facebook?

And, will Swipp ever offer sign in options other than logging into Facebook – necessary if they want to tap mobile and web users who don’t use Facebook. Only time will tell if Swipp grows as big as the data they will handle. But ‘Swipping’ could very well be the next lifestyle to storm the online world.

*Images captured from the Swipp website