Tinder users can now swipe “to the left, to the left” if someone’s musical taste doesn’t match. Spotify teamed up with the dating app to allow users to post a Tinder Anthem to their profile and match in a musical manner.

Users can now not only post their Tinder Anthem by connecting the two apps, but also list their top artists and swipe in order to find who shares their musical taste. According to Spotify, the Tinder Anthem is “that one single track that tells your story. That one song you can’t get out of your head.” This will allow users to find matches in a unique way and swipe right on Mr. Right.

Tinder Adds Musical Matches from Spotify

The premise of the musical matches is pretty simple. Users simply need to search Spotify in order to find their anthem, connect through Tinder, select the songs that will be displayed on their profile and start swiping away to find that person who perfectly matches their melody.

Twitter Users Share Thoughts on Spotify-Tinder Partnership

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