GoDaddy has been in the line of fire lately due to their support of the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA).

Some say SOPA violates first amendment rights by giving the government the power to shut down websites they believe to be in violation of SOPA.

SitePoint quoted Adam Savage, of Mythbusters fame, as saying:“[SOPA] would allow for the wholesale elimination of entire websites, domain names, and chunks of the DNS (the underlying structure of the whole internet), based on nothing more than the “good faith” assertion by a single party that the website is infringing on a copyright of the complainant. The accused doesn’t even have to be aware that the complaint has been made.”

According to ABC15, “The Stop Online Piracy Act is designed to help the government and the entertainment industry fight internet piracy. It would allow them to create a blacklist that would then be used to block advertising services and payment services from those sites.”

Due to the backlash, GoDaddy has publicly pulled their support from SOPA, but that move was clearly not enough for some of their customers. According to Techi, over 72,000 people have already pulled their domains from GoDaddy and there is a grassroots effort to drastically increase those numbers.

December 29th has unofficially become “Move Your Domain Away from GoDaddy Day” – an effort started by a Reddit user. And it sounds like the GoDaddy/SOPA backlash is only going to get worse as I’ve seen quite a few Twitter users posting that GoDaddy is blocking their domain transfers or making it next to impossible to move them. If this is true, it’s only going to make GoDaddy boycotters angrier and more vocal.

Here’s a sampling of tweets found on Twitter this morning regarding the GoDaddy/SOPA debacle:

Transferred my 15 domains off @godaddy. Just a small fish in a very large pond, but it’s the principle.

I am no longer on #GoDaddy… I only has one domain with ’em but I feel good about leaving!

Wow. All of my @godaddy domain transfers were just denied. They need written permission. Are you kidding me?

as seen on reddit, @godaddy not only helped draft SOPA, but are also exempt from complying with it. i’m moving.

GoDaddy Now Blocking Domain Transfers After the SOPA Boycott?

I just donated to #Wikipedia because they moved their domains away from GoDaddy.. Help keep it free

You can learn more about the Stop Online Piracy Act here to decide if you’re pro or con SOPA.

We want to know: Do you agree/disagree with GoDaddy’s (former) support of SOPA? Will you be moving your domain(s)?