The Sony PlayStation Network was taken down on Christmas Day thanks to a denial-of-service (DDoS) attack from the team at Lizard Squad. Almost immediately following that outage PSN Plus buyers demanded some type of compensation for the outage. Sony has decided to honor those requests by extending memberships and providing discounts to PSN Pro buyers.

Sony Network Entertainment Vice President Eric Lempel revealed in a company blog post that “anyone who had an active PlayStation Plus membership or free trial as of Dec. 25 will automatically have their subscription extended by five days.” PlayStation Plus typically costs $50 per year or $10 per month, and provides regular discounts and free games to PlayStation owners.

The company will also offer a one-time discount that will allow shoppers to receive 10 percent off of their entire cart purchase at the PlayStation Store. Buyers can purchase digital games, downloadable content, movies and TV shows.

Lizard Squad has been staging attacks against both PlayStation Network and Xbox Live for months, and the group executed their larger attack on December 25. Within 24 hours the PlayStation Network was back online and fully operational. British police have arrested a Finnish teenager who is rumored to have helped Lizard Squad execute their attack. The FBI has also said that other suspects are being investigated.

Destiny developer Bungie joined in the PSN extension, offering Xur, an in-game character that sells special Exotic gear, to players throughout the weekend. Bungie made the extension offer for both PlayStation Network and Xbox Live. That extension continued until 10 p.m. PT on Monday, Dec. 29.

Gamers may have been disappointed about losing gaming access on the PlayStation network on December 25, but ultimately they earned more free gameplay time and some decent discounts.