Sonic the Hedgehog is making a comeback with Sonic Generations, a modern update of the classic game. Sonic Generations will feature levels from the original game that have been remade in 3-D. Sonic himself has also received a makeover as he is now is now a slimmer, taller version of his old self.

So what do you think? Will you play the new Sonic? I’m not a big fan of the blue hedgehog myself – but I think that’s for personal reasons. My brother had Sega when we were younger and the only way he’d let me play Sonic with him is if I’d be Tails (remember that annoying orange fox from Sonic the Hedgehog 2?). I hated being Tails so much that one day I went into my brother’s room while he was gone and played for HOURS as Sonic thinking he’d never find out. I was wrong. He put soap on my toothbrush for a month in retaliation.

Overall, it looks like people like Sonic Generations so far – check out what people are saying about the updated game on Twitter today:

  • Alright, the new generation of that teleport thing in Sky Sanctuary just blew my brain off. #sonicgenerations
  • If you’re a sonic fan, you NEED to buy Sonic Generations!! #sonicgenerations
  • one downside for #SonicGenerations is the storyline but you cant have everything
  • my eyes are red i guess thats what i get for staying up all night playing #SonicGenerations