For an older generation, the idea of a smart toaster may sound ludicrous — why do we need artificial intelligence to toast a slice of bread? (OK, maybe it could help with the annoying problem of burnt toast…but let’s get real here!)

But, what if the abilities of this smart toaster went beyond the superficial problem of creating the perfect slice of toast and, for example, let manufacturers connect with the machine remotely to proactively assess its health? A service patch could be deployed instantaneously if there were a malfunction, or a field service agent could show up in minutes to replace the device if it’s near the end of its lifespan.

That ‘smart’ toaster suddenly doesn’t sound so ‘dumb,’ does it?

But is all this out in the future? Not really. Leading organizations are already charging full steam ahead with similar service scenarios when it comes to their assets in the field.

Aberdeen’s own Senior Research Analyst for Service Management, Aly Pinder, has put together some data on just how Best-in-Class organizations are leveraging the Internet of Things to transform how they connect to customers and their devices. You can view Aly’s findings in the slides below or check out Aberdeen’s free report, Welcome to the Next Generation of Smart Machines.

Smarter Machines: Transforming Machines Through the IoT from TechProEssentials