Wall Street Journal recently published an article that stated that Microsoft’s patent application for a wearable that could detect emotions was approved by the US Patents and Trademark Office. Using visual and audio sensors that are fitted on the glasses, the wearer can focus on the subject’s body movements. Based on changes in  body temperature, movements, gestures, voice, it would be possible for the smart glass wearer to get read or get an idea about emotions and feelings.

Microsoft’s has a database of emotion categories. The recorded data is them compared against this database and the corresponding emotions are then displayed to the consumer.

The smartglasses which come equipped with depth cameras and a mic will study postures, expressions, eye contact, gestures and a range of other body and physical movements. This is analyzed against the social scenario backdrop to ensure relevant emotions are deduced. This is significant as the same gestures or physical movements could convey different, and sometimes, completely opposite emotions based on the social situation. For example, the patent states: “If a subject plays with her hair in a social situation, such as a date, this behaviour may indicate friendliness or interest. However, the same behaviour in a business situation may indicate boredom.”

Imagine the uses it could be put to – from being able to gauge the interest level of a business audience to gaining more insights in a social milieu. While the concept is radical, interested consumers will have to wait and watch to see of the product is actually bought to life.

But, in any case,  the patent approval is a start !!

What are your thoughts on emotion-reading smartglasses? I would love to find out.

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Image and data  : www.nbcnews.com