bits projectglass tmagArticleI guess I shouldn’t be shocked. I use Google to run my life and my business.

I use their Gmail, Google Calendar, Document sharing, Adwords, YouTube, Feedburner and Google +. I am excited about the work they are doing with the self driving car (I want to be able to work while commuting without getting a ticket for distracted driving).

But the question I am asking now is… Do I want Google in front of me during all of my working hours?

In an online story in the “Bits” section of the New York Times, Google talked about their Project Glass, a up to this point secret project that hopes to produce wearable computing.

google glass contacts

Though the glasses are not yet haute couture and they are just being tested, you may come across a random Google employee walking around wearing a pair of the wrap-around glasses that are a little more understated than Geordi Laforge’s ocular appliance from Star Trek. Google is also developing a pair of contact lenses that include pixels embedded into the display.

In this video that Google recently released, you can see how Google envisions you in the near future “mind melding” your day with today’s very commonplace Google apps.

A young man begins his day in his New York City apartment, gazing out the window and getting the time, date and weather on his “heads up” display. He then goes about his day, asking for and getting directions, chatting with his friends, taking pictures, checking in at a local eatery and sharing a beautiful sunset, overlooking the city in a video call with his girlfriend while playing her a tune on his ukelele. Take a moment to watch it. It is actually very intriguing!

So, what do you think? Do you want Google to be “wired” into your brain? Please share any comments for or against. Also, if you have any additional ideas for Google, let them know!