Kicking off the launch event for the Amazon Fire phone in Seattle last week, Jeff Bezos asked the live audience: “What’s the most important thing Amazon has done in the last 20 years?”

His answer: “The most important thing we’ve done over the last 20 years is earn trust from customers.”

Amazon is no stranger to customer engagement jeff bezos and amazon fire phoneand it has been a core part of their company mission since inception. And so it comes as no surprise that Amazon has topped the charts at #1 on the American Customer Satisfaction Index for four years running. The Fire phone is a true omni-channel masterpiece- bringing to fruition the mission of delivering the right message, right action, to the right channel and delivering all of this in a very sleek, handheld device.

While Amazon does not have any brick-and-mortar stores, the Fire will enable them to heavily impact a customer’s e-commerce and retail experience wherever they are in the world- which is pretty amazing! Now let’s get to the cool features that make Amazon Fire a gamechanger- for mobile but also for customer engagement inclusive of service, commerce, and marketing.

  1. As predicted, the Fire Phone’s display is capable of display 3D images. Amazon calls the technology Dynamic Perspective, with a 3D effect that adds the illusion of depth behind the screen, rather than outward. This feature might help you visualize what a product will look like in the real world. Want to know what that chair will look like in your living room? With the front facing sensors plus the rear facing camera, the phone could superimpose the chair on the image of your room in a very realistic way.
  1. Using the camera’s face-tracking input, you can look around onscreen objects, even peer behind them. It’s not about popping-out-of-the-screen 3-D, but about infusing a sense of depth and realism into a bunch of flat pixels. Your phone becomes a little diorama box, with stunning effects for 3-D maps, games, and home screen wallpaper.
  1. Firefly, which lets you scan any product, even music and TV shows playing in the background and bring you information on them from The feature, which is activated via a dedicated physical button, works with restaurant signs and phone numbers, too. MyFitnessPal is integrated with Firefly to provide nutritional information on food. It can even direct you to knowledge: Snap a shot of a painting, and it will pull up a Wikipedia entry on it.
  1. The Fire Phone has special features for video and music, too. The phone has the ability to “fling” content to another devices, such as Amazon’s Fire TV, and Xbox or a PlayStation. The phone will also have predictive caching, which predicts what you’re going to stream next. Prime Music will have the “x-ray” feature to provide real-time lyrics for songs.
  1. For reading, the phone’s WhisperSync feature will work with voice. That means you can listen to an audio version of the book while, say, driving, then continue where you left off on a Kindle or Kindle app.
  1. The Mayday service offers one-tap access to customer service agents, who can talk to phone users via video chat, and take over the screen on their devices to show them exactly how to do something, complete with annotations. The service is available 24 hours, and service representatives will respond to requests within 15 seconds. In a world where we all spend way too much time listening to hold music, the MayDay service will certainly be embraced if Amazon delivers on their aggressive SLAs.
  1. The phone, like Amazon’s e-readers, tablets, and new set-top streaming box, are meant as a way to mainline Amazon’s deep coffers of content. Amazon Prime, the company’s $99-a-year pass to two-day shipping, steaming videos, and now streaming music, is offered free with the phone for a month to get you hooked.
  1. With deep integration into Amazon’s online retail store, it will be a potent weapon for comparison shoppers. It may even have indoor GPS, giving Amazon the ability to triangulate exactly where you are inside a mall or big-box retailer. That will probably terrify brick-and-mortar retailers, who will see it — rightly — as a way for Amazon to ‘steal’ customers right from under their noses.
  1. Amazon will likely also leverage the above features to forge partnerships with some of those retailers, giving them detailed data on what their customers are actually doing (and the ability to target offers to them while they’re right in the store) in exchange for the right to sell Amazon products for same-day delivery or pickup right from their locations.