Despite the recent upgrades and improvements, we can not really say that Apple TV is a success story. The product is already being criticized by the users and tech enthusiasts a lot. As if it was not enough, looks like sales have fallen according to a recent report.

According to 10Fabs, Apple TV sells much less than its bigger competitors Google’s Chromecast and Roku in the US market, and sales continue to shrink. Apple TV has only 11.9 percent of the TV box market in America, the share number was 12.6 percent in 2015.

Market share is shrinking

But, what could Apple be doing wrong?

In 2015, the fourth generation of Apple TV was introduced to the market, and major improvements were made over previous generations. 1080p video output, new third party applications and a faster hardware. But it was still not attractive enough in terms of price and functionality compared to other broadcast devices.

The biggest problem with Apple TV was that Google and Roku offered the same services at a much lower cost, despite offering all the services and features that the market demands. You can get a 1080p, 32GB Apple TV for $149 price, while a 4K Amazon Fire TV or a 4K Chromecast Ultra sell at almost half the price.

Tough competition

If you’re already familiar with the Apple ecosystem, if you have one or more iOS devices, and go to iTunes for music and movies, Apple TV might be a reasonable choice for you. Otherwise, other broadcast devices will be more attractive to you because they are more affordable and have more content.

Although Apple has finally provided third-party application support for its device, it’s probably a bit late.

Apple’s relationship with major broadcast services like Amazon and Spotify reduces the likelihood of these companies implementing Apple TV with their platforms, which puts other services like Roku a step ahead.