The Sensibo pod is a small, wireless IR compatible device that allows you to control any air conditioner with a mobile phone.

According to Sensibo, the indie manufacturing company that produces it, what makes this gadget special is that it cannot only control the settings of your air conditioning unit, but also automate its behavior in such a way you can save up to 40% on your energy bills. With this premise, the Tel Aviv based startup raised over $165,000 on Indiegogo only a few months ago, doubling their $70,000 initial pledge.

Right now, the Google owned company Nest is the first thing that commonly comes to mind when talking about intelligent home climate automation. The difference between Nest and Sensibo is that the Nest solution completely replaces your existing wired thermostat.

Sensibo on the other hand, works with any remote controlled air conditioner. In fact, the company states there are over a billion air conditioners all around the world. All of which in theory could benefit from the Sensibo pod.

The device comes with some intelligent features, including location-based activation, timer settings and a state of the art learning algorithm geared at efficiently managing your air conditioners based on users’ behavior. It learns your habits so it can build accurate cooling and heating schedules, and detect anomalies like open windows or unoccupied rooms.

The unit monitors temperature and humidity locally, adjusting on conditions that the air conditioner cannot detect by itself. All of this managed from a nifty mobile app.

The Sensibo pod enters a relatively untouched market, with competition from Nest, Ambi Climate and Tado.

Sensibo will be shipping the first batch of units on early January 2015, and is currently available on pre-order for $159. Each kit includes a hub component and the Sensibo control unit. Every additional device costs $80 apiece if you want to expand your system to multiple rooms.