Did you know that sending a fax online can be much better for your business than traditional faxing? Internet fax messaging is a new and empowering form of technology that optimizes communication between your colleagues, employees and customers. Effective communication between people is one of the keys to a successful company. Missed calls and delayed fax messages can spell disaster if you don’t have the right equipment – which is why you need an Internet fax service provider that will help you send a fax with minimal difficulty.

Gain an Edge Over the Competition

Nowadays, the market is becoming more competitive, and more and more companies are investing in business phone systems with features such as PBX systems or VoIP phone systems just to get ahead of one another as a result. Even if you’re just starting a business, you can equip yourself against the larger and better known companies if you invest in the right technology and equipment.

Sending facsimiles or faxes of documents has revolutionized the way people transferred important documents to one another. By sending it via fax machine over the telephone wire, people no longer had to rely on the mail system or wait a long time to receive information. These days, more and more people choose to send faxes online, with favorable results. Traditional faxing, while still effective, still requires money, effort, and time to do, oftentimes encountering problems in the process. Jammed paper, running out of ink, sky-high long distance phone bills are just some of the problems that you don’t need to worry about when you convert to Internet fax messaging.

What Kind of Features Can I Expect?

Here are some features that Internet fax service companies usually provide:

You can fax through email. When you send and receive an online fax, your business phone service provider can integrate it with your current email client (RingCentral’s system specializes in this in particular) so you can easily transmit fax messages and access them from just about anywhere with a working Internet connection.

Your own personal fax number. When you subscribe to an Internet fax service provider, you will be given a unique fax number that serves as your ID when transmitting and receiving a fax. This number allows you to access your virtual fax machine from anywhere that has Internet, making it invaluable to employees who are frequently out of the office. The Internet fax service provider also gives you your own local or toll free number – some companies provide both, some only provide one. Your fax number can even be used on traditional fax machines because it is able to pick up fax tones.