With cell phone technologies changing almost daily, many people switch out their phones regularly. However, this leaves the question of what to do with the old Iphone; you paid a lot of money for it so letting it sit in a drawer doesn’t seem like a good choice. Many don’t realize they can sell or trade in their old Iphone and receive part of their investment back. Even old Iphones that are broken or don’t work may earn you a few bucks.

The following tips can help you dust that old Iphone off and convert it into cash. Even large electronic items like iPads, computers, and digital cameras have some resale value. While you may not earn a lot for each device, the dollars add up if you can never bring yourself to throw those old electronics away.


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How Much?

So how much can you get for that old Iphone? That depends on the age of the Iphone, what condition it is in, and finally, where you plan to sell it. Like new, premium smartphones in the original package, may earn about $350; possibly more if selling through eBay or Craigslist.

If your Iphone is old or broken, the right buyers pay at least a dollar for each Iphone. When you have several of old phones sitting around, those dollars add up quickly.

1.  Look at Everything

While you know which phone you plan to replace, always look around the house for other discarded phones. Many people keep their old phones for an “incase” situation then forget about them. Pull out all those drawers and check those boxes in the closet. Chances are, you have an old flip phone or two put back for emergencies.

2.  Broken? No Problem

While most websites and trade-in programs won’t take really old phones, broken phones, or phones with cracked screens, one vendor will. You may have to drive a ways, but if you have several, it might be worth your while.

Also, there are services that buy broken iPhones, iPads and galaxy phones. You’ll be paid with Paypal or check.

3.  Look for the Best Deal

There are many resources for electronic resale. Larger chain stores like RadioShack and Best Buy, now offer buy-back programs. Even some of the major service carriers now have their own trade-in programs.

4. Planning

The lifespan of a cell phone is shorter than most electronics with 18 months the standard time most people keep a phone. This is enough time to check all your options for disposing of your current phone.

When planning to sell your electronics online, work out the timing for receipt of payment beforehand. This is easily worked around plans for paying a particular bill or making a desired purchase.

Never trash your old electronics. Always recycle or donate to keep toxic chemicals out of landfills.

Resources: Selling and Donating Cell Phones

Once your cell phones are no longer needed, there are several avenues for selling or donating them. Below is a list of some resources to help you out.

Online Trade-Ins and Sales

Physical Sales and National Recycling Outlets

National Charities