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Keeps Evernote Hacker Free

With so many social media companies in the news lately for data breaches, it’s time to roll up our sleeves and make sure our own accounts are as secure as possible.

One way to do that is by enabling 2-step login verification for these sites.

2-step login verification links an SMS-enabled mobile phone to our account so that the phone can receive a special login pin when we need to connect from a new device, browser, or computer.

However – unlike other companies – Evernote currently only offers their 2-Step Login Verification to their Premium members. So if you’re a free member, I’d suggest letting them know that they should change that!

Setting Up Evernote 2-Step Login

You can learn more about Evernote’s 2-Step Verification, as well as find directions for setting up application specific passwords, here.

Now Your Rockin’ & Rolling!

Be sure, while you are at it, that you set up Facebook 2-step login and Facebook HTTPS as well as Google 2 Step Login (which protects your Google Analytics, Webmaster Tools, Google+ and Gmail) and Twitter 2 Step Login and LinkedIn 2 Step Login.

Hope you enjoyed this security tutorial!

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