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Keeps Dropbox Hacker Free

With so many social media companies in the news lately for data breaches, it’s time to roll up our sleeves and make sure our own accounts are as secure as possible.

Dropbox has had it’s share of being in the press with security related issues and implementing some security is definitely a wise move!

One way to protect your account is by enabling 2-step login verification.

2-step login verification links an SMS-enabled mobile phone to our account so that the phone can receive a special login pin when we need to connect from a new device, browser, or computer.

As a reminder, it’s still key to avoid using this service to back up “sensitive” data such as documents with your social security number, banking account information, or logins to other services, etc.

Setting Up Dropbox 2-Step Login

Before You Start:

Before you do anything else, bookmark this link. This will come in handy the first time you have trouble with the system and/or lock yourself out!

Setting Up Login Verification:

Dropbox has an FAQ document for their 2-Step verification system found here.

To Get Started:

Log into Dropbox. In the upper right corner, select the drop-down next to your name, and then select “Settings”.


Click over to the “Security” tab and then, to the right of “Two-step verification” click “Enable”


Click “Get Started”


Then select to “Use Text Message” and click “Next”. (You could select mobile app creation but be sure you know what that means because it’s likely not what most users should use.)

Then enter your phone number and follow the prompts to confirm that you received the SMS message.


Dropbox helpfully provides an emergency access code that you can use if you lose your phone. More details here.

Keep on Rockin’!

Be sure while you are at it that you set up Facebook 2-step login and Facebook HTTPS as well as Google 2 Step Login (which protects your Google Analytics, Webmaster Tools, Google+ and Gmail) and Twitter 2 Step Login.

Hope you enjoyed this security tutorial!

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