secure wordpressOver 30,000,000 WordPress blogs have been hacked over the past few years.

If you are one of the people unlucky enough to have been hacked you’ll know how much of a problem it can be.

It’s not just the problem of restoring access to your blog, you may have to scan it for malware so that google and various browsers don’t block access to it.

You may get extra bandwidth fee’s, This blog was taken down last week not by being hacked but by the attempt, it used up a months bandwidth in about 14 hours. Luckily I have my own server so I could adjust it as soon as i knew about it. Hackers were using a brute force method of trying the Username Admin with a millions of different passwords.

If i’d have had a limit to the number of attempts in place they wouldn’t have been able to even try to access the blog continually

You can secure your blog very easily and block the 5 most common hacking methods

1 Change Your username

DO NOT use Admin as your username anything is better, so if you log in using admin go and change it immediately

2. Change the database prefix

Most wordpress installations use the prefix wp_ for each database, because of this it’s something that hackers can exploit. Change your prefix to something random

3. Remove the WordPress version Number..

If a hacker knows what version you are using he knows the vulnerabilities, removing the version number stops him targeting specific exploits

4. Change the login page

If a hacker knows that everyone uses the same login page then he knows where to attack. On the other hand If everyones is different he once again is at a disadvantage

5. Set a maximum number of login attempts.

If i’d have done this last week then my site wouldn’t have been down. Once set you after 5 attempts the site it locked down for 30 minutes

Making these changes will help to protect you against many types of hacking, it’s the same as protecting against burglars if your house is well protected they will go elsewhere and look for easier targets. Very few hacking attempts are directed against specific sites . Hackers tend to cast a wide net and then target the areas they know they can exploit.

If You are a technophobe then you are probably having palpitations now.. never fear…

The video below shows you how I protected a blog in under 2 minutes if you can use a mouse you can secure your site.