If you’re looking for a cheaper cellular plan then Scratch Wireless may have just what you need. The company announced its plans to provide free cellular service by using Wi-Fi networks in what it calls the “Wi-Fi First” service.

As Scratch Wireless’s CEO Alan Berrey stated, “We live in a world where many vital technologies — from email to social networking — are free. Why not mobile phone service? At Scratch Wireless, our mission is to make mobile free to all through the power of Wi-Fi, great handsets and a simple service model that will revolutionize wireless forever.”

Scratch Wireless states that monthly cell phone service costs are too high, and with Wi-Fi networks readily available almost everywhere; users should be able to benefit from a service that isn’t too expensive. The service offered by Scratch Wireless includes:

  • Free texting and talking when connected to a wireless network
  • If no Wi-Fi is available then a user can connect to their cellular service, which would be a pay-as-you-go plan
  • The cellular service is contract-free and can be used to access data and voice

Scratch Wireless offers 24-hour passes that cost $1.99 each for data or voice access, and a month-long pass that costs $14.99 each for voice and data.

Image Source: Scratch Wireless

However, as the image above highlights 24-hour passes only allow for 25MBs of data or 30 minutes of voice. 30-day passes on the other hand allow for 200MBs of data and 250 minutes of voice. While these passes may seem inadequate to some, the service focuses on using these features via a wireless network.

Users will have to be careful with their phone usage, but a benefit of this service plan is that subscribers do not have to sacrifice smartphones for cheaper cellular service. The company states that subscribers will have access to “top of the line” Android smartphones. Currently, Scratch Wireless offers the service on the Motorola Photon Q, which is priced at $269.

Image Source: Android Police

Now while the Photon Q does not boast some of the more impressive features available on the new iPhone, it does include a 4.3-inch screen, 540 x 960 resolution and a QWERTY keyboard.

Scratch Wireless is a fairly new concept and while the passes may seem to provide the bare minimum data and voice usage, the service caters towards users that wish to save money on their cell phone bills. Scratch Wireless will be a refreshing alternative to some of the more expensive cellular plans, and it will be interesting to see the response from users when the service is up and running.

Anyone who is interested can request an invite to be notified when the service is available.