Samsung’s curved computer is coming to join the curvy design trend their HDTVs started. The new PC is the Ativ One 7, and while the curve isn’t as apparent as the 4K TVs, it still provides unique viewing angles that really engage the user into what is on display.

The Ativ is 27 inches with a 1920×1080 panel and extremely vivid color reproduction. The one thing lacking is its resolution. It’s not terrible, but Apple’s iMac, which contains Retina Display, has a much better resolution. But Samsung didn’t build it to beat records when it comes to resolution and software. It’s clearly the design they are out to revolutionize.

According to tech giant, the Ativ One 7 has a curvature at 4000R, which somehow tricks the eyes into thinking the display is a lot larger than what it actually is. This is especially true when sitting several feet away from the screen. The upsides are more noticeable when sitting a lot closer, especially when it comes to fewer glares and immersion.

Overall, Samsung’s curved computer is pretty average, containing 8GB of RAM, Intel Core i5 chipset, a 5400rpm hard drive (which contains what they’re calling an “embedded” flash drive), four USB ports, and a media card reader. For PC consumers wanting a trendy design while also needing to fulfill their basic movie watching and gaming needs, the Ativ One 7 is perfect for them. For those hoping it to be a huge gaming system with the curve enhancing the experience, they may be a bit disappointed.

If the user owns a Galaxy smartphone, they can utilize a pretty cool feature called the SideSync 3.0. This program allows users to sync their phone to the Ativ so that they can receive text messages and calls from their phone to the computer. Users can even control their Galaxy by mirroring its screen on the computer.

The official release for Samsung’s curved computer is the first quarter of 2015. It will be priced at $1,299.

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