Apple’s long rumored iWatch officially has some competition, as Samsung confirmed their Galaxy Gear smartwatch. Samsung Executive VP of Mobile Lee Young-hee told The Korea Times that the Galaxy Gear would be unveiled in Berlin on September 4.

The Galaxy Gear would be powered by Android, and will have a “non-flexible display.” The new device is rumored to enhance the smart phone experience, as Lee stated that it would be an accessory device to a smartphone. GigaOm reported that the Galaxy Gear would feature a 2.5-inch display, with 320 x 320 resolution, and a duel core processor. The design will also allow the device to host apps, which may require its very own app marketplace.

Samsung plans to unveil the smartwatch on September 4 in Berlin, a few days before the IFA conference. The company also plans to show off the Galaxy Note 3 at IFA and will discuss the future of both devices. The Galaxy Gear is rumored to accept phone calls, e-mail and even have access to the Internet.

The confirmation of the Galaxy Gear was announced amidst the release of the new Apple iPhones and possibly the iWatch. The Apple iWatch is rumored to have similar “enhancing” features that will work best when connected to an iPhone. The device would connect to iPhones, relay messages, and display status alerts. Apple’s iWatch is rumored to have Bluetooth capabilities and a 1.5-inch display, which would mirror certain information from a user’s iOS device.

Although both devices have been rumored to enhance the smartphone experience by improving certain features, the smartwatch announcement by Samsung may start a “smartwatch war” between Apple and Samsung. The smartwatch is expected to blow up in the market in the next five years and could result in significant revenue for both companies in the near future.

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