According to Reuters, Samsung wants to acquire BlackBerry Ltd for $7.5 billion. Executives from both companies met last week to discuss the deal.

Selling BlackBerry isn’t exactly a new topic. Last year, the company was supposedly reaching out to Google, Samsung, and other large tech companies, hoping to find a buyer.

BlackBerry hasn’t been able to compete with Android and iPhone, so it’s no surprise that they want to sell. They even returned to their BlackBerry Classic – known for the amazing keyboard that allows speed typing. Even that hasn’t turned things around for the company.

After word got out, BlackBerry’s stock jumped up $2.04 to $11.75 per share. That’s a 21.01% change, so investors must like the idea.

It is surprising that Samsung is ready to offer such a high price after their recent struggle in the smartphone market. Their Galaxy S5 sold 40 percent below expectations months after its release, and the company’s operating profit dropped 60 percent last year. And on Christmas, Apple products claimed 51 percent of new activations, compared to Samsung’s 17.7%.

According to Reuters, it’s not the software Samsung is after. They’re actually hoping to “gain access to its patent portfolio.” Samsung must have a plan, and with the rumored price tag on the deal, they must be extremely confident.

Samsung already plans to make changes to their flagship phone, hoping to get their numbers back up. They’ve made huge changes to their next Galaxy S6, which will be revealed this March. They will release two versions in which one will contain a curved edge, resembling the Note Edge. Also changing is the casing, going from plastic to all metal.

With the huge changes already in place, it may be possible Samsung wants to combine their features with BlackBerry’s. If that’s the case, BlackBerry’s biggest offer would be their unique keyboard. Perhaps a different keyboard is what the company has in mind for the future.

Meanwhile, at BlackBerry, an iPhone is used to send tweets to their official twitter page.

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